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My Publish0x earnings – November

First, I would like to say thank you to all my readers for keeping up with me. I honestly have no idea why but I’ll work hard to improve my writing style so the articles are less painful to read. I’ve realized that without you, I wouldn’t make any earnings so it’s quite logical to share the numbers with all of you.

November was my best month on Publish0x so far. I’ve registered back in June 2020 with the first article published at the beginning of July. Since then, I posted sporadically, making it max 20 posts per month. Last month, I’ve created a post every single day. The reason why I started to post more was simple. I had more daily views. Yes, your views made me to make sure to publish one post every single day. Thank you! Not the earnings, but knowing there’s more people coming back every day made me to kick myself in the backside and write an article every single day.

Enough talking let’s see the numbers.

46 USD isn’t a massive amount of money I know but having that extra in crypto makes me feel confident about my future here. I understand I can make more, writing content on fiver or whatever but there’s no interaction, no feedback and I love all of that. This $46 is also more than I’ve managed to earn here on Publish0x over the previous months in total so this is definitely the time to celebrate for me.

Again, thank you all so much for checking on my posts and hope to see you in the comment section.

…also published @ Publish0x, a place where you’ll get paid in crypto for writing & reading.

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